• Addictive software that increases sales
  • Calculators that hook agents
  • Customized e-tools that generate leads


We are the custom software and online tool developer specializing in solutions for the Insurance and Financial Services Industry. Our philosophy is simple: Create tools that help make YOU successful.


Do you and your agents LOVE your illustration software? Or is it difficult to use, maintain and customize? We design user-friendly illustration tools to meet your exact product needs. And the PDF outputs mirror your brand!


Agents want intuitive calculators that highlight product benefits. Carriers want tailor-made product calculators that won't take months to build or update. With the best custom software in the industry, we exceed both agent and carrier expectations.

Sales Sheets

Product features. Availability maps. Rate sheets. All can change monthly, weekly and even daily! Our automated update tools keep the “change” hassles out of the marketing department and put current information into agent hands right away.

Tablet & Mobile Apps

How does equipping your agents with on-the-go virtual briefcases sound? How about offering them easy-to-use iPad Apps that educate consumers and explain product benefits? Our tablet and mobile app solutions empower agents at point-of-sale.

Consumer Tools

Designed to help consumers discover retirement needs and evaluate individual concerns, we build tools that explain concepts and show examples in easy-to-understand ways. The icing on the cake? These tools also generate leads for agents and/or carriers.

Web Portals

Need a place where your agents can log in and access information about your products, calculators and sales tools? A place where you can manage users? A place where you can update site content quickly? Our customized web portals help you do all of this and more.

Form Builders

Applications and forms are a headache for agents and carriers alike. Agents stress over downloading and submitting the right forms. Carriers lose time and premiums over countless NIGO issues. Our form-builder solutions ease the burden and help build profitability.

Let Encompass do the heavy lifting


How fast can you make field updates?

Calculation and marketing online tools are very valuable assets to sell products, but they come with an array of potential issues.

  • How can you easily keep tools current with rates, caps and state approvals?
  • How do you control the timing of updates?
  • How can you add online tools easily to your product or carrier websites?
  • How can you create and archive a professional, compliant and efficient PDF output?

Jakentra surveyed the insurance and financial services industry and designed Encompass as a response to this overwhelming need.

Make instant updates with Encompass

Encompass is a powerful online tool management system that allows marketing and sales professionals to update tools and extract user data instantly. Encompass enables you to:

  • Integrate all online tools and their data into a single source
  • Deploy tools easily to any website
  • Guarantee that all tools being used in the field are always up to date
  • Test all tool updates and control timing of their rollout
  • Produce professionally branded PDF outputs from online tools
  • Access previous versions of online tools when needed
  • Archive and search saved online tool PDFs by criteria such as agent name, IMO, client name, and/or date of output
  • Track user statistics, run reports and export spreadsheets from a tool’s collected data

What our clients are saying


"We have worked with Jakentra for years, and continue to benefit from their partnership. Jakentra is collaborative in their approach – so they don't just build software, they work tirelessly to truly understand our business so that they are able to execute our vision and provide solutions that go beyond our expectations. I can't say that they “think outside the box,” because I don't think these guys realize that “the box” exists. I continue to be impressed by their creativity, responsiveness and innovation."

"It is clear in the first conversations with Jakentra that they are the best at what they do. From the pure industry knowledge to the graphic design to the programming, we know we are getting the best possible results. Their passion for what they do is evident in every conversation - nothing is too big or out of the scope of possibility. Their availability makes me feel that I am the only client, while the output gives evidence to their vast knowledge and expertise. Hands down Jakentra is the best in the business."


"Jakentra has their finger on the pulse of our business. They have a thorough understanding of our products and consistently offer ideas that position our business with cutting edge tools. We continue to come back to Jakentra for illustrations, calculators and sales tools because of their ability to quickly turn around quality products."

"Jakentra has helped our company grow our business through their innovative technology and design of online illustrations and calculators. The best attribute of Jakentra is not only their technology, timeliness and people, but also that they speak and understand annuity products very well."


"What do I like about working with Jakentra? They are friendly, knowledgeable, responsive, industry focused, creative, consultative and have high integrity. The look and feel of their first draft of a tool is better than my vision of the finished product. And their speed to market is amazing."

"I have had the privilege to work with Jakentra for the past 4 years. No project is ever too big or too small. Their team is always on the cutting edge of design work and building tools that our agents use every day. They are responsive to any sudden changes and are always a phone call away."


"The Jakentra team provides the best customer service and are very responsive, communicative, and patient – especially for those who are not technologically savvy. They are also dedicated problem solvers and are committed to truly understanding my organization's challenges and objectives. Their team will work tirelessly to develop creative, quality solutions that are highly-effective."

"Jakentra is the most innovative, responsive, and efficient partner that we work with."


Our Leadership


Jeffrey Kennel

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff has more than 25 years experience in design and marketing with vast expertise in the insurance and financial services industry. As CEO, he is responsible for all aspects of operations, project management and carrier relations. In a world dominated by numbers, Jeff seeks to apply Jakentra’s collective experience towards humanizing insurance marketing. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and making it easy to use, he helps facilitate end-to-end partner and client satisfaction. Jeff attended the University of Iowa where he majored in Communication Studies. He enjoys spending time with his wife and son, boating, traveling and attending collegiate sporting events.

Justin Funk

Chief Technology Officer

Justin has been developing web-based applications that add value to businesses more than 12 years. As CTO, he is responsible for all of the Jakentra infrastructure and technology development. Justin trained in business information systems at Iowa State University and has a solid and practical understanding of business processes and improvements. With four young children, he spends his time chasing them around as well as hiking, gardening and spending time outdoors with his family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Jakentra's client list?

Our client's confidentiality is very important to us, so we do not publicize who we partner with. But our client list does contain nearly 10 carriers, including two of the top-five FIA carriers in the US. We have also worked directly with numerous FMO/ IMOs and broker/ dealers.

What is "custom software"?

We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to developing software solutions for our clients. Every solution we develop is specifically designed and customized to meet the exact needs and specs of a product. Everything from presenting the key strengths of a product to matching the brand of the product in a tool and/ or PDF output. You will have a unique and customized solution that no one else in the industry will have.

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